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Web and VPS hosting plans available on enterprise grade hardware.

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About Defined Code Hosting

Get Up And Running Quickly

All VPS Hosting plans are setup automatically after payment is received and the servers are usually provision within the same minute.

Powerful servers

All VPS and Web Hosting plans are hosted on powerful Intel based hardware to make sure your applications and websites respond as fast as possible. All plans in France are hosted on pure SSD storage.


We're constantly looking for new ways to provide hosting to people. We've come up with our mini VPS range which doesn't require a IPv4 address and we're happy to talk about tailoring a custom solution for you.

UK Company

We are a small company based in Warwickshire, United Kingdom with all UK based support technicians who are ready to help you at any point.

Fair pricing

We've opted for low pricing on all our plans in an effort to showcase that you don't need to spend hundreds of pounds to get hosting that performs well. We utilize completely modern hardware in the Netherlands and in France. In France we also have a pure SSD RAID setup with no mechanical hard drives and we are still able to match these low prices. We aim to provide low cost, high performance servers for a variety of budgets and use cases and we feel we're currently doing so.

VPS Plans

  • Full root access
  • SSH access
  • Choice of Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS (+ more)
  • Virtualized server running your own operating system
  • Dedicated IPv4 address
  • Control panel with remote management features
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Web Plans

  • PHP & Perl support
  • Wordpress support
  • MySQL support
  • Domain hosting support
  • Fast Linux based servers
  • FTP access
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